Our Dynamic and dedicated members are promised to establish Indie films, it’s our pride.

Triptayan Chatterjee / Director

Triptayan is an independent film director with different outlook. Enriched with thought provoking theme and different topics he makes film from a unique angle. Basically he throws light upon narrative features and documentary films. Experienced with different film festivals at home and abroad, Triptayan has a vast experience in conducting all along film festival.

Sovan Chakraborty / Managing Director

Sovan an experienced Business management professional manages the entire processing of our film festival. Member of Cine Central- Kolkata and Executive member of the NGO, Heritage Bengal Sovan is experienced in public relation and mass communication also. As a Managing Director of TIFF, he is currently shouldered the responsibility accordingly.

Lajbonti Roychowdhury/ Programme Director

Eminent singer Lajbonti is with us with her versatile talents in the world of music and film. Attached with Tollywood for a long time she has established herself as a landmark in the cultural atmosphere of the society. As a programme director she is very much dynamic and a pillar of of our international film festival.

Sofia Chatterjee / Associate Director

Sofia is an experienced Tollywood actress and has vast knowledge of conducting film festival. Besides acting she loves mass communication and contacting resource persons for the success of a film. Sofia basically works on stage as an anchor of the festival. She is professionally a dynamic and hard working personality.

Amit Mukherjee / Festival Director

Amit is a dynamic organizer in the different organizations of the society. Due to intense love in administrative activity he has shouldered the responsibility of the festival administration . His passion for administrative organization is the wealth of our festival.

Suneet Adhikary / Festival In Charge

Suneet is a student film director associated with different film festival. All time engaged in work Suneet is a good creator of film script and direction. He is a dedicated soldier of independent films and independent creation.

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