Tripvill International Film Festival (TIFF) is exclusively a non-profit venture. It has no relation with any kind of business which makes money. If there comes any profit, will be expensed to make indie films for the betterment of the society and will be shown without any ticket or any sponsorship. We are indebted to different online film festival and filmfreeway for making the text contents of the different pages used in this site. Festival screening also entirely free.


Kolkata : 26.01.2020. With tremendous cheers and response from the viewers,

the first inaugural session of the festival came into limelight before the international cinema. With showing of 18 films of different genres and wonderful interactive session on cinema,

the event was overwhelmingly accepted by the international viewers. The event was opened by noted film educationist Shila Das and graced by the Director Triptayan Chatters. The video message from the different directors from Azer Baijan, Ghana, Switzerland and India made the viewers applauded with cheeres.



In the opening speech, TRIPVILL INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL DIRECTOR, Triptayan Chatterjee has stated that through the active cooperation of FIlmfreeway the event has been successful and greeted all the submitters again. According to him, the festival is now considering regarding the film distribution of independent films.

06.11.2019, KOLKATA:TRIPVILL INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL is all set to go. This time in the first screen a film market camp will be organized in a place not very far from the venue in the cultural hub of the planet Kolkata. The entry is going to open on 15 november 2019. The Submitters will get the free promotions with their posters and trailer. TIFF is planning to make it’s own online TV channel and VOD platform for the smooth distribution of the film around the world.


Kolkata : Noted cinema and performing art personality Manoj Mitra is scheduled to open the first inaugural session of the festival. According to Tripvill sources the festival will be lit up by him and he will deliver a speech on the structure of real cinema. Manoj Mitra is known to be a reputed personality in the world of theater, particularly in the cultural hub of the planet in Kolkata. Tripvill press time is said to follow up his interview which will be published in the website later.

Aniket to co-inaugurate TIFF

Kolkata: Noted film maker and film Director Aniket Chattopadhyay is going to co-inaugurate Tripvill International film festival at Nandan Auditorium. Tripvill sources says that he has already given his consent for the purpose. Experienced film Director has wonderful records in making film with his different style.


Kolkata: Official selection for the festival announced today. A total eighteen films among all submitted films has been announced as officially selected. The list of the selected films has already been updated in the festival website result page. Festival Director Triptayan Chatterjee says that within the limited time all films will be tried to be screened.

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